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About Dunchurch Classic Cars

About Dunchurch Classic Cars

Our location in England's heartland means that many of our hand-picked team of served craftsmen worked on cars like the Jaguar E-Type and the XK model when they were first around.

This long-standing expertise means our team has unrivalled experience in every aspect of classic car engineering, maintenance, restoration and servicing.

Adopting an old-school approach to our work, and know-how enables us to produce the sort of long-lasting quality finish you'll come to appreciate over the following decades with your restored Jaguar.

Whilst  many firms subcontract their work out the breadth of our experience means we are able to carry out almost every job inhouse, giving us complete control over the finish, timescale, budget and most importantly the quality of your treasured classic restored Jaguar.

So, why not call us to discuss your next project or arrange to come and see us? After all, there's no substitute for shaking the hands of the men you're entrusting with your dreams, is there?